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Pearce Ranch

Protecting a Ranching Legacy in Indian Valley

Pearce Ranch

The Pearce Ranch is located in Indian Valley, near the town of Taylorsville. The Pearce Ranch largely retains its unique, unaltered topography and diversity of habitat types, including montane meadow, grassland, cottonwood-willow riparian and riverine, emergent wetland, and mixed conifer. It includes approximately 1.5 miles of Indian Creek and 1.5 miles of remnant creek channel, both of which contain extensive riparian habitat interspersed with slough and emergent wetlands. The property’s significant water rights help support and maintain the riparian and wetland habitats, as well as the working cattle ranch.

Conservation of Pearce Ranch

In 2010, the Feather River Land Trust purchased a conservation easement on the Pearce Family Ranch, the oldest family-owned working cattle ranch in Plumas County, going back six generations. The easement protects the watershed and working landscape by preventing development and by requiring management for conservation goals. Funding for this easement came from a variety of sources, including the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, the Northern Sierra Partnership, and several generous individual donors.

The Pearce Ranch conservation easement serves as a demonstration project for other properties in Plumas County, preserving outstanding ecological, cultural, historical, scenic, and sustainable agricultural resources in perpetuity.


The Pearce Ranch supports an array of important ecological values, including extensive cottonwood-willow riparian, wetland, and montane meadow habitats. These habitats, in turn, support nesting sandhill cranes, willow flycatchers, yellow-headed blackbirds, Sierra Nevada mountain beavers, golden eagles, bank swallows, yellow warblers, yellow-breasted chats, six native fish species, western pond turtles, river otters, and a host of other unique wildlife species, many with special status. The purchase of a conservation easement from the Pearce family simultaneously achieved several important goals: it supported the continued land stewardship of the Pearce family while providing scenic open space, creek-centered recreation, and an outdoor classroom for local schoolchildren. Please note: This property is not open to the general public.

Pearce Ranch Fast Facts


NSP’s region extends from south of Lake Tahoe to Lassen Volcanic Park; Indian Valley is located about 75 miles northwest of Reno.


318-acre easement
10,000-acre valley

What you will see:

A pristine high montane meadow, working ranch, pasture, and a wide diversity of flora and fauna

Pearce Ranch Pearce Ranch