Feather River Headwater Valleys

The Feather River watershed, the largest in the Sierra Nevada, is an enormous forested landscape that provides water to 65% of California’s population. The beautiful, rich bottomlands known today as the headwater valleys include the Sierra Valley, Genesee Valley, Clover Valley, Indian Valley, Humbug Valley, Mountain Meadows, Last Chance Meadows, and others, with surrounding forests and mountains in the Plumas National Forest. Learn more

X Heart K Ranch

Heart K Ranch

An 884-acre working ranch with oak and riparian woodlands, old growth pine forests, and montane meadow habitats Learn more

X Pearce Ranch

Pearce Ranch

This working landscape in Indian Valley is the oldest family-owned cattle ranch in Plumas County. Learn more

Sierra Valley

The Sierra Valley rivals Lake Tahoe in size and beauty, but remains one of California’s best-kept secrets. The Valley’s wetlands, which form the headwaters of the Middle Fork Feather River, support the greatest diversity and concentration of waterfowl, shorebirds, raptors, and other birds in the northern Sierra, and are a key stopover on the Pacific Flyway. Learn more

X The Maddalena Property

The Sierra Valley Preserve

A spectacular wetlands hosting various birds and waterfowl, with an expansive view of Sierra Valley. Learn more

Northern Sierra Nevada Crest

NSP is working to conserve and restore natural corridors along and down from the northern Sierra Crest to maintain upstream water quality, improve forest health, increase carbon storage, enhance wildlife movement, provide a refuge for species as climate changes, and expand recreational enjoyment of this extraordinary landscape. Learn more

X Sierra Buttes

Sierra Buttes

A majestic monolith and the northernmost major granitic outcropping in the Sierra Nevada range Learn more

X Royal Gorge

Royal Gorge

Home to Van Norden Meadow, the iconic Summit Lodge, and the largest cross-country ski area in North America Learn more

Royal Gorge
Little Truckee River Watershed

A region of snowy peaks, sub-alpine meadows, deep forests, and magnificent lakes, the Little Truckee River Watershed is a primary source of drinking water for residents of northern Nevada and one of the sole places on Earth that supports native populations of Lahontan cutthroat trout. Learn more

X Independence Lake

Independence Lake

A spectacular, unspoiled, and biologically diverse lake hosting the threatened Lahontan cutthroat trout. Learn more

Independence Lake
X Webber Lake

Webber Lake

A beautiful natural lake in the Little Truckee River headwaters, surrounded by the scenic Lacey Meadows. Learn more

Webber Lake
X Perazzo Meadows

Perazzo Meadows

The Little Truckee River meanders through this meadow and wetland system supporting native fish, migrating deer, and rare species. Learn more

Perazzo Meadows
Greater Truckee

The Greater Truckee area is home to stunning valleys and subalpine lakes whose proximity to Truckee makes it a desirable place to live and visit. NSP is working with local residents, state and local agencies, and other stakeholders to protect, and expand public access to, the open spaces that define Truckee and Learn more

X Donner Lake

Donner Lake

The historic heart of the Truckee area, boasting a beautiful shoreline and commanding ridges. Learn more

Donner Lake
X Waddle Ranch

Waddle Ranch

Important riparian and aquatic habitat, Martis Creek, and stands of Jeffrey pines inhabit this 1,481-acre property. Learn more

Waddle Ranch
Carson River Watershed

The Carson River headwaters and the Carson Valley basin represent top priorities for biodiversity conservation in the eastern Sierra Nevada and the Great Basin. The headwaters of the Carson River sustain numerous portfolio sites for rare species such as the Paiute cutthroat trout, an endemic trout even more rare than the Lahontan cutthroat trout. The Carson Valley contains some of the most important wet meadows and wetlands of the Great Basin and supports a rich assemblage of birds and rare wetland species. Learn more

X Hope Valley

Hope Valley

A beautiful alpine meadow and wildlife area in the Carson River headwaters. Learn more

Hope Valley
X River Fork Ranch

River Fork Ranch

An 805-acre working ranch with important wetland meadow and riparian habitat in Carson Valley. Learn more

River Fork Ranch